My journey started as a young boy sketch books were filled with comic book characters and geometric shapes which led to architectural structures and abstract shapes. 

I was born in India, and grew up in Zambia Africa, a self-taught artist holding a degree in Physics and Engineering. My work has progressed from early drawings and watercolors of landscapes, still life, to more complex abstract patterns and colors. I often find myself engaging with the canvas and the erratic nature of the medium, allowing me to embrace all the happy accidents. My recent work expresses the relationships between the individual moments, natural and intimate, that are reminiscent of the life around me.

I want my paintings to offer deeper/multiple and diverse visualconfrontations at once obvious and ambiguous. The process is free andspontaneous sometimes moving from strong geometric shapes and patterns toloose expressionistic lines and forms like changes we experience. Theworks not only explores perspectives on time, place and human condition,but also changes to our environment. The works seem to reveal a moment ora place in time. Hopefully, the viewer is enticed to look, listen and findsome echo of emotion or spirit reaching out to connect. 


Ravi Sheth is an artist born in India. Before moving to California for hisgraduate studies he lived in Zambia and Swaziland Africa. He is a self-taught artist holding a degree in Physics and Engineering. 

1999 – 2000         Group Shows at the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Center Lusaka, Zambia

1999                       Commissioned work fo rthe International Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa (ICSASA)

2000                      EXPO 2000 Hanover, Germany

2007                      Group show art walk Long beach, CA   

2014                       Start-up Mixer at the W in San Francisco, CA

2015                       Group show at Washburn Studios San Francisco, CA 

2017                       Group show at the RAWartist, SF

2019                      Group Show "Journey" at The Citadel Art Gallery, San Jose, CA

2019                      Upcoming show "Metamorphosis" at The Citadel Art Gallery, San Jose, CA

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